06.10 Himmelstadt & DTTM Besucher/Visitors

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From 29.09 till.10.2006 I was as in the last year on the "Frongntreffen" in Himmelstadt close to Würzburg. 

In a small convoy Uli, Lemmi, Maiers and me started Friday late afternoon. When we arrived first thing I had to work. Although using  wedges the levelling was uneven. Due to a hint of Hans I digged holes for the wheels and achieved a perfect stand I am working on the left, in the rear the white MAN truck of Hans, unfortunately he himself is hidden directly in front of his ladder, the name of the guy in front I have unfortunately forgotten. Directly behind the daughter of Lemmi and himself, looking into the camera. Hidden in the back behind the stool you can see Karola, the partner of, sitting in front of their MAN, known as well as Wombi.



Whilst the meeting I tested my new tire-chains because I was not 100% sure that they might fit to my tires. They were normally for the tire size 12:00 but I have 385/65R22,5. Due to a spreadsheet from the manufacturer it should fit as well to my size but a small risk remained! Uwe assisted me to mount them, unfortunately you can see him only from the rear - thanks again.


After final adjustments I made a short test-drive. They are fitting. So from now on I will carry 4x 40 kg in addition,


One of the Highlights for me was the truck-fleet from Umau and Co.. The KAT 8x8 was a real eye catcher.


As you may expect from collector of military vehicles he as well has the right "arguments" directly next to him.


Umau and his team stayed overnight in a 12 meter trailer: In the very back a garage for an Iltis (German Army-"Jeep"), followed by a "sleeping room" with double-floor beds, than a big kitchen area with huge lounge. Having seen it so far I expect that this is the end of the trailer. But instead of that another bedroom with toilet and shower followed. We were making jokes that the trailer misses a slide-out and a solid open fire built from rocks! The amount of weapons being kept in all different areas was amazing (of cause all of them no longer usable!).


I never seen before construction was this previously  Mercedes 911 4x4 truck. It was a complete reconstruction of the drivers cabin and rear cabin in one block made out from aluminium plus venetian blinds in front of ALL windows it look like a mix of security van, tank and standard-integrated-camper van.



Luca shows with his MAN 9.130 how much twist he can achieve - the truck, I cannot judge about Luca's abilities! 


Several trucks on a plateau before they go for a ride in the terrain.


A video how I climb up an edge:

Click me, I am a video!


Christoph who had organised the meeting has arranged for Saturday a visit to a local brewery. Furthermore there were several presentations about remarkable trips in the evening (Baikal sea, Mongolia etc. from Hans and Karola // Libya from Bärbel) plus a first aid seminar (thanks again to Wilmaaa). Here a view to a small part of the "drivers area".


I want to thank Christoph for the organisation of the excellent meeting. As well tanks to Martin, Uli and Stefan for the allowance to use some of their pictures. It was very nice and I really enjoyed it. Next year it is already in my diary to meet with such a big bunch of nice people.




The following weekend I was from Friday 6.10. till Sunday 8.10.2006 on the DTTM (German Truck Tail Competition) at the Nürburgring in the Camp4Fun area. Friday till Saturday lunchtime the weather was not really good!


The drivers camp of the Rhinoteam:


Dieter and Lutz from the Rhinoteam had invited me. Here you can see them in action.


Dieter and Lutz in a small, deep alley full of extremely big rocks where you would not expect that a truck has any chance to pass through at all!!


Very nice neighbour was the Team Striegistaler with Kai as the driver.


Kai had in the "alley" contact with the rocks - as nearly everybody else.


Other teams "dumped" their trucks completely.


An eye-catcher were the 4-axle trucks, here the current European champion.


... from the rear ...


... lifting the "paw" ....


... "re-arranging" some rocks ...


The "competition" created big clouds, but because of the long overlap on the front PLUS a problem with the differential-lock he did not had a chance at all.


Finally the price draw for the winners:


Thanks to Markus for the pictures, you can see more in his Forum www.lkw-allrad.de. Of course thanks to Dieter, Lutz and their friends, the Strieglitzer Team and all the other Trucktrailer - a really great, big-family-like atmosphere!

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